Tantra Meditation Retreat:

20 March - 30 March 2020,Bali

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What is Tantra?

The beauty of tantra is to accept all dimensions of life.

Tantra sees “First Chakra” and “Seventh Chakra” as one. They are two sides of one beautiful pillar of human consciousness.

Yes, Tantra teaches you to explore your human instincts in a conscious way so that you can become free and go beyond it. And that will help you to reach your divine source.

Tantra teaches the path from S3x to Samadhi or Enlightenment. Tantra helps you to open your heart so you can find the real purpose of your life and get closer to your true nature.

From S3x to Samadhi

During these 10 days of Tantra Retreat, we explore each chakra and understand more about it. We open up and go deeper within its nature using several meditation and practices.

The Chakra System

The word “chakra” means “wheel” or “circle”. Chakras are the gateways to consciousness. Each chakra has its own purpose, association and connection.

Our Tantra Retreat will be a life changing experience mainly because of our team of facilitators.

Our Teacher

Satyarthi Prateek

Satyarthi Prateek uses his learnings of years to help others enjoy the sweet nectar of Tantra using his meditative presence, Healing Arts, Tantra, and Meditation.

Our Team



The Tantra Couple i.e Vladmir and Katya are the perfect example to show the bond Tantra creates between two individuals.

Satya Prem

Satya Prem combines her learnings of the Wild Woman path and Tantra in her teachings.

Topics and Practices

  • Re-Awakening of Chakra System
  • Works on the Energy Blockages
  • Re-Awakening of the 5 senses
  • Introduction of Tantra Asana, Pranayama, Mantra and Bandha
  • The Tantra Way of Breathing
  • Importance of Self-love with Practical Exercises
  • Tantra Massage
  • Deeper understanding of the true meaning of Shiva Shakti
  • Tantra Meditations, Rituals, Osho Meditations and Contact Dance Exercises with Combining Tantric teachings and practices, paired exercise, sacred land-journeys.
  • Tantric body de-armouring, energetic climaxes, empowerment practices, sacred love making
  • Conscious Relating

What you gain

  • You learn to communicate in a way that works for your partner as much as yourself.
  • You learn the secret art of tantric love making and unlock your power of climax and joy.
  • It will give you a better understanding of your body, so you can feel your body and tune in better with the surroundings.
  • It will balance your Chakra system and clear the energy blockages
  • It will restore the Shiva & Shakti energy inside of you.

20 March – 30 March 2020, Bali

The Tantra retreat will be held at Shambala Ocean Retreat Bali, a beautiful beachside location.

Schedule: The entire day will be meticulously planned. Tasty food, and comfortable accommodation will be provided.

Prices :

  • Stay + Food (3 Vegetarian Meals + All day Tea + Fruits and Water)
  • For Individuals – 1600 Euro

Terms and conditions :

  • You can book your space by paying 600 Euro as advance at the time of booking, This will be ‘Non-Refundable’ if an event of cancellation occurs
  • The Remaining amount of 1100 Euro can be paid by 20 Feb 2020.

Join us on a Tantra retreat with 10 Nights/11 days of living close to nature, eat beautiful healthy food, dance, Live Music, Massage, Meditation, Play, Tantra Practices to explore blissful existence. Bali awaits you, and so do we!

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